What to Expect At Your Vitamin Advantage Medical Visit

Each patient is given an individualized vitamin treatment plan, based on their basic blood work and specialty tests, to effectively manage their illness, decrease their need for pharmaceutical drugs and increase their quality of life. When it comes to effectively managing chronic illness, it is known that there is an increased need for vitamins and minerals that is influenced by the patients lifestyle and circumstances.  This is why Vitamin Advantage Medical provides pharmacy grade nutrients via customized, patient-specific protocols.    Vitamin Advantage Medical focuses on making the patient experience as comfortable as possible by using the latest pain-free technology as well as paediatric needles. The infusions are comfortable for even the most needle-phobic of patients.

We serve two locations (Calgary and Vancouver).

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Pfeiffer’s Law: For every drug that benefits a patient, there are natural substances that can achieve the same effect.

Nutrition isn’t alternative medicine; it is simply good medicine.